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Everyone can take photos – photography must be learned!


Photography is a huge area of study, which ranges from using cell phones, digital cameras, to analogue cameras. The dark room is the analogue version of Photoshop, only with more possibilities.

Which camera you use to take photographs is not that important – what’s important is the final result.

Photography at Vrå Højskole aims to prepare the students to solve various tasks in the best possible way. The focus will be on your ”tool box”. Films, dark room technique, ancient techniques, plastic cameras, large mahogany cameras, digital cameras, or Photoshop, are all tools. Tools, which you can use to achieve the goal: to create the best possible photo.

Classical disciplines such as portraits, still lives, and sceneries will be taught. We have a studio, a dark room, materials for fun, older techniques, a scanner, and Photoshop at our disposal.

We’ll drink coffee – or we’ll develop our films in coffee! We’ll discuss photos, and what might be a good photo. We’ll play around with the medium, and your knowledge of the possibilities will be enhanced. You will become a better photographer.


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Vrå Højskole thinks internationally

There’s a good chance that you will study with several people from various different countries. That’s why a part of the classes will be in English. Do you not speak English, don’t worry – we’ll translate for you!

Student comment: "My main interrest was in photography when I chose to apply to the Sirius Scholarship but here in Vraa Hojskole I have found much more than only professional technical knowledge. I found a caring and loving community. I found people from different countries, people with different interests, different ages and background who are open to each other, who are interested in eachother‘s cultures, curious about different traditions and are open to creative new ideas."

- Hanga, photo-student from Hungary. Read Hanga's story about her stay on Vraa Folk Highschool and photo here