Do you want to find, form, and tell stories?


At photojournalism / Media line we enter into the world around us, we seek out people with something at heart, and we tell their stories. Using Vrå as our station we will put up some nails on which to hang the greater world picture.

You will get an insight into the instruments and expressions of photography in the today’s mixed media. A photograph can do more than merely registrating and documenting. The use of photos and images online and in other media is expanding all the time. You will tell stories, create a debate and convey great emotions.

You will work with various genres, such as reporting, portrait, news and sports. We will work with different photographic challenges, including flash lighting, ordinary camera techniques, digital workflow, and Photoshop editing.

In workshops and brainstorms you will have the possibility to make your own projects and stories, which are published at our own website.
During the lessons we will, through feedback and discussions, improve our use and understanding of the nature of photojournalism and the world of digital media.

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Press photographer SørenSchnoor has more than 25 years of experience from the newspaper industry, including photo editor at the Danish newspaper Politiken, and editor and photographer at the online newspaper

JournalistHelle Møller Riisgraduated from theDanish School of Journalismin 1999.She has workedas a journalist atHelsingør Dagblad, AarhusPublishing Corporation, FrederiksborgCounty newspaperandSjællandskeDagblad.Shehas published the book"En gøgler på Strandvejen" and hasfor 10 yearsbeen self-employedin the companywww.tekstdesigner.dkwith a focus onsports,educationand marketing.

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