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Learn about textiles, fashion and sewing


Do you want to:

Get a better knowledge of ”the world of textiles” within construction, design, techniques, sewing, and knowledge of materials?

  • Train to become a tailor, a fashion designer, or a teacher? Or do you dream about becoming self-employed?
  • Work as a model constructor, or work with design and sewing of sales collections?
  • Experience the fascination of the design process?
  • Create your own clothing style, inspired by everything from punk to classic fashion such as Chanel and haute couture?
  • Experiment with re-design and vintage style, using what you can find in charity shops?
  • Get a better understanding of people and the differences within personalities.

We will work with some joined projects. However, most work will be based on your individual prior knowledge, strengths and wishes.

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Teacher: Lene Schøning Bruun


With Lene as a teacher you will be sure to get the best teaching in the subject. Lene graduated as a textile designer and has a PD (pedagogical diploma) in Material Culture. For many years she taught at the Alexandra School, which is a school of tailoring in Frederikshavn, Northern Jutland.

Take a look at for more information and photos.

tekstil-design-anneR-plastikkjole-genbrug tekstil-design-symaskine-CharlotteR tekstil-design-skitse tekstil-design-hussein-styger tekstil-design-plastikkjole-gine-genbrug