Emil Schildt - Fotografi

Emil Schildt - Fotografi Underviser i liniefaget Klassisk Fotografi
samt korte kurser i fotografi som portræt-, model-, lanskabsfotografi, gamle teknikker m.fl.

"Emil Schildt is a renowned photographer from Denmark I admire in silence since a long long time for very good reasons of course, like his amazing creativity, assorted to a deep photographic knowledge and a "dramatic" artistic approach that turns me upside down and you can't miss. And I'm sure that Vernon Trent, OnePixArt or Mirabilia Images  ... will like his work as much than me... and you."  - Christian Pélier, universdartistes.com - Emil Schildt            

  "Emil Schildt..  uses many different techniques to achieve his final results. Amongst his techniques are bromoil, cyanotypi and photopolymergravure. In his portfolio Paint with Light, we see images that are long exposures while a flashlight is painting the scene. Emil also damages his images by scratching or using sand paper. He calls these images Kill your Darlings. These techniques add an extra dimension to his poetic and symbolic imagery..." - Pieter Wisse, 500photographers.blogspot.com - Emil Schildt     



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