Ensemble training, musical theory,
and techniques in the recording studio


Taking our starting point in playing together you will be taught in several musical disciplines. We will emphasize your needs and in this way we will challenge you in your instrument, your taste in music, your theoretical foundation, and your basic understanding of music.

You will receive instruction in ensemble training, improvisation, musical theory,chord theory, rhythm training, ear training, musical history, and techniques in the recording studio.

You will experience a chance for quiet contemplation, but sometimes you will also be thrown into the deep end when we try to rotate instruments, give live concerts, and record music in our studio.


If you are:

  • A complete beginner or at intermediate level, and you want a thorough introduction in playing music.
  • A veteran in your instrument, and you want to experience a creative environment with several musical challenges and inspiration.
  • In need of the last proficient guidance before applying to a musical education such as MGK (Danish music basic course) or the Music Conservatory.

Then the music line at VråHøjskole might be just the place for you.



The two experienced teachers Anders H.U. Nielsen and Søren Alstrup both graduated from music at Aalborg University, and they have many years of experience both as music teachers and performing musicians.






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Semesterstart - Start når det passer dig


Forår 2017   8. januar  - 10 juni     Et langt forløb varer mellem 12 og 40 uger,
Efterår 2017   13. august  - 16. december     og vi optager nye elever hver 2. uge.
              Du kan tilmelde dig online