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- Danish course for foreigners and immigrants


Danish as 2nd language - Intercultural skills

Get the ability of speaking Danish from basic level
Get the knowledge of the Danish history
Get the knowledge of the Danish political system
Get the knowledge of the Danish education system
Get the skills of interpreting and relating to other cultures

Then you will be able to:

Communicate with the Danes
Understand the Danes
Act according to your knowledge

We have:

The international environment, with at least 50 % Danish students
The young environment
The skilled teachers
The time and space for socialising with all the other students.
The time and space for absorption
A Folk high school that lives between tradition and renewal

You have:

The curiosity and readiness of accepting other cultures

The idea of a Danish Folk High School is based on the desire for learning and learning for life. The idea of life long learning was founded in Denmark in the middle of the 1800 by the priest N.F.S. Grundtvig and the teacher Cristen Kold. Our Folk High School was founded in 1872 and it has been in the transformation between renewal and tradition ever since.

The everyday life looks like this:

At 7:30 am breakfast
At 8.15 am morning assembly
At 9.00 am lessons
At 12 o’clock lunch
From 1.30 pm till 4 o’clock lessons 
At 6 o’clock pm dinner.
In the evenings there will be lectures, sports and other events.

You will have the possibility to choose an optional subject (3 lessons) as jewelry, painting, music, choir a. o.

You can see a timetable here

 Call us at +45 9898 1010 for further information.