Vrå Højskole is the arts and crafts folk high school of Northern Jutland, seeing as there is a long tradition for art, both performing arts and crafts and learning about art and art history.

We take our starting point in the classical disciplines: drawing and painting. The art workshop will, besides these disciplines, have courses in ceramics, raku, papermaking, bookbinding, landscapes, croquis, watercolours, jewellery making, sculptures, bronze castings, design, architecture, and art history.


The classes will consist of presentations from the teachers at VråHøjskole and guest teachers. We will work and experiment with the materials, working towards a united presentation. The courses will vary in length depending on the topic.

You will receive individual guidance in all joint tasks, and you will receive a fixed place for your work in the workshop. Starting with a joint theme, you will get to work with the projects using materials and processes chosen individually, while receiving guidance. These joint themes and common projects run at the same time as the daily classes.

In addition to the regular teachers at the school, artists are invited as guest teachers to come and display their art and tell about their methods of working with their arts.

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Ole Schiellerup, former arts and crafts teacher at ’Diget’ – another folk high school. Ole graduated from ”Den FrieLærerskole”, which is a 5-year teacher’s training programme aiming specifically at students who wish to become teachers at folk high schools and boarding schools after they graduate. 

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